Nara Little Gift



All of our products are handmade because handmade is personal, and that is what we want to offer to you, a personal gift.


Materials Used

In Nara Little Gift, quality is the highest priority for us, because we all believe our customers are deserved to receive the best. Speaking of quality, we use only high-quality woods and materials in order to make the best products we could offer to our customers.


Music box & Animated music box

Because some of our music boxes are custom printed, so it takes around 1-3 days for crafting, quality check, and finally preparing it for shipping.

Custom self-portrait

After customers uploaded the photos, we will as soon as possible start the drawing process. Because every photos has its own complexity and difficulty, therefore the processing time may vary depends on it. Usually, it takes around 3-10 days to finish it. After it’s done, we will carefully pack it for shipping.
Note: If you’re planning to receive the portrait on a certain date or occasion (wedding for example), Please notify us in advance so we can help you arrange the time.
Thank you for being a loyal customer of Nara Little Gift. We hope you can help us spread the love with our personal gift!